Does My Insurance Cover Acupuncture? Phoenix Arizona

Many Insurance companies cover acupuncture in Phoenix Arizona, such as Cigna, Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare.

If you work at Banner Health then you are covered for at least 20 visits of acupuncture treatment.

Most insurance companies in Arizona do not cover acupuncture services.  At True Acupuncture Phoenix Arizona, we bill insurance for most insurance carriers.

Insurance can all be very confusing but here’s what you need to know.  All you have to do is call us, give us your insurance information and we will do the rest.

As an added benefit to our customers, we will:

Verify Benefits:  We will contact the insurance company to verify your benefits.  Once we know your benefits, we can give you a better idea of how much treatment will cost you.

If you have coverage:  we will bill your insurance company. You do not have to deal with receipts and paperwork and waiting for reimbursement –we’ll do the waiting for you!

You are responsible for the full balance owed after your coverage is applied.

If you do not have coverage: you get a discount off of the full rate when you pay in full at the time of your treatment.

A quick note on Flex Spending or Health Savings Account (HSA).  We do accept these cards as long as they have the Visa/MC logo.  If you use a Flex Spending/HSA , we can provide you with a receipts and any other information you need to get reimbursed.  We cannot submit reimbursement on these plans for you.


Insurance coverage for Acupuncture Phoenix Arizona