Anxiety/Stress/Depression Treatment in Phoenix AZ

Emotional stress can be wreak havoc on the body:

Acupuncture works very well at treating depression, stress and anxiety.

Many women and men face difficult challenges and responsibilities that may overlap or conflict, causing stress that can affect their health. Stress can arise out of difficulties at home, in relationships, and in the workplace. Family “well-being” includes stable relationships, and family members’ ability to fulfill essential roles in the home, child rearing values and practices, and the mental and physical health and development of every family member. Researchers are also trying to determine which workplace conditions influence employees’ experiences of conflict between work and family roles; they are studying the effects of job stress on spouses and on marriage; and they are studying how parents’ working conditions may affect their parenting and their children.

Emotional stress can lead to the following:

* high blood pressure
* increased susceptibility to substance abuse and illness
* less resistance to disease
* depression

If you are in the Phoenix Arizona area and would like to reduce depression and feel great, give acupuncture a try. You will be amazed!